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:: Mountain biking


Mountain biking is the fastest-growing sport in the country. Thousands of bikers year-round head out on their bicycles down canyons and up trails all over the country.

Practically the entire country, with the exception of the coastal desert and the Amazon plain, is apt for mountain biking. However, depending on the degree of difficulty and logistical needs, circuits are divided into three categories: A) Beginners: gently sloping routes, with tough, compact terrain; B) Experienced cyclists: circuits involving moderate slopes and a certain degree of risk for the cyclist; C) Experts only: steep slopes, high altitudes and uneven, scree-like terrain, with a high degree of risk. So get on your bike... and explore Peru.

:: Biking in Cordillera Blanca

One of the most scenic areas in Peru, the Callejón de Huaylas, in the department of Ancash, features many breath-taking and tough biking trails amongst its canyons and mountain ranges. Most circuits climb up to high altitude (3,500 meters) before dropping down steep slopes. One of the most popular routes runs from the Llanganuco Lakes (3,800 meters) to the town of Yungay. Another links the high mountain pass of Punta Olímpica (4,800 meters) with the town of Carhuaz. Both routes vary from Class A-B, and are best cycled from May to October. Cyclists should take along plenty of warm clothing and spare bicycle parts, and should take precautions regarding high altitude sickness known locally as soroche.

:: Biking in Pachacamac

Located 31 km south of Lima down the old South Pan-American Highway, this is a favorite spot for Lima bikers. From the old Hacienda San Fernando plantation east of the town of Pachacamac, cyclists will find access to a series of circuits that vary in degree of difficulty and types of terrain: La Chacra (A), along the route to Cieneguilla, El Manzano (B), El Cardal (B), El Chirimoyo (C), El Lúcumo (C) and Las Lomas (B), among others. The routes are cycled from April to December.

:: Biking in Paracas

The entire Paracas Reserve, particularly the peninsula and the shoreline heading south, in the department of Ica, is one vast playground for bikers. Some of the routes are short and simple, touring the beach resort, while other, more difficult trails cross the desert through sand dunes and up steep slopes. As a rule, cyclists should always take along water and a map of the area. Bikers are advised to cycle together with an expert.





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