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Museo Nacional de Sicán
Av. Batán Grande Cdra. 9 Carretera a Pitipo - Ferreñafe.
Phone: (074) 28-6469

Archaeological samples.

Museo Arqueológico Nacional Bruning
Av. Huamachuco block 7 - Lambayeque.
Phone: (074) 28-2110
Daily: 9 am - 5 pm
Admission: $2.00

Named after its founder,an expert in the Mochica language and culture. The modern museum houses a good collection of archaeological artefacts from the Chimu, Moche, Chavin and Vicus cultures. Students of Archaeology will enjoy the exhibits showing the development of different phases of ceramics from different cultures and the exhibits explaining how ceramics and metalwork were made. There are models of several important sites.

Collar de oro Mochica   Collar de oro Mochica


Museo de Sitio de Túcume
Complejo Arqueológico de Túcume, Caserio La Raya, Campo - Túcume - Lambayeque.
Phone: (074) 65-0562

The collections show architectural reconstructions, photographs and drawings, highlighting recent finds,which include weaving paraphernalia.

Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipán
Av. Juan Pablo Vizcardo y Guzman s/n - Lambayeque.
Phone: (074) 28-3978
Tue-Sun: 9 am - noon and 2.30 pm - 4 pm
Museum stays open one hour after last admission
Admission: $2.00

Museo Sipan

Opened in november 2002, this museum is the pride of northern Peru, as well it should be. It is a world-class facility designed specifically to showcase the marvelous finds of the Royal Tombs of Sipan. This museum succeeds in evoking the full grandeur and sophistication of the ancient Moche Civilization (100-750 AD) in a way that adobe pyramids, now reduced to mud mountains, often do not. The director of the museum is Dr Walter Alva, who was responsible for the discovery, protection and archaeological investigation of Sipan.

Visitors enter through the 3rd floor and enter a hall containing fabulous ceramics representing gods, people, plants, llamas and other animals. Large photos and models show what Sipan is and was like: in AD 300 there were two huge truncated pyramids,constructed over several generations of millions of adobe bricks. Descending into the 2nd floor, visitors see how the archaeologists worked at excavating,preserving and restoring the royal finds. Objects include three pairs of turquoise and gold ear ornaments showing ducks, deer and the Lord of Sipan himself. The painstaking and advanced techniques necessary to create this jewelry, place them among the most beautiful and important objects of the pre-columbian Americas.

Finally, the ground floor is reached, featuring exact reproductions of how the tombs were found.

Señor de sipan   Estandarte Sipan


Numerous dazzling objects are displayed, most remarkable among them being gold pectoral plates representing sea creatures such as octopus and crab.

The lighting and layout is exceptional but the signage is all in spanish. Guides are available for $3.00, some speak english. Each guide can accompany up to 20 visitors.

The replicas of the beautiful jewels, found in the Tomb of Lord of Sipan, are very popular with the public. They can be acquired in the museum or in For more information, contact them at:

Museo de Sitio de Sipán
Complejo Arqueologico de Huaca Rajada, Sipán - Zaña - Chiclayo.

Replica of the Tomb of "El Señor de Sipan". Mannequins, fotographies and scale models.


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