About Peru

Peru Contributions to World Nutrition

Peru has contributed the potato and corn to world nutrition, which together with wheat and rice are mankind's four basic foods.
The following .crops are some of the species original to Peru: cotton, coca, cinchona tree for quinine, several types of aji peppers, hebs and seasonings such as achira, achiote, huacatay, palillo; grains such as quinoa, cañihua, kiwicha and tarwi; tubers including potatoes, manioc, sweet potato, maca, oca and olluco; squash; fruits including camu-camu, chirimoya, cocona, granadila, guanabana, guarana, guava, lucuma, maracuya, pacae, papaya, tumbo, tuna cactus fuit, and sweet cucumber; and flowers including heliotrope, the yellow cantuta, and eucaris.